an innovated way to teach English that includes active learning!
For Japanese/non-Japanese Teachers of English and Assistant Language Teachers.


Eigo Ganbare DriveClassroom Portal

Visual Learning

through simple interactive worksheets with augmented reality. The touch and feel for students to be able to
communicate with one another in English. Listening, reading, writing, and speaking. All in one!


of the traditional and modern teaching style. Blended and crafted with learning support extensions, such as the class pen pal project, the after school English club program, the international exchange event, and much more!

Future Prosper

of bringing equal English educational opportunities and resources to Japanese schools! And, broadening their understanding of other countries' diverse culture.


The Lesson Plans

You can print them out or use digitally in class! Practical for students to improve their English communication skills. Try the Classroom Portal too!

Teacher Portal


The Pen Pal

is a life-time opportunity for students to connect to other students by exchanging letters in English and in Japanese with school(s) from abroad.

Pen Pal


The English Club

embraces English as a way
to further advance the club
members academic studies and to broaden their under-
standing of other cultures.

English Club


The Eiken

will prepare your students to enter high schools & provide them with more opportunities. Like internships abroad! AR Eiken Interview Cards





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"Give Japanese students the opportunity to communicate digitally, experience
cultural immersion, and unleash the freedom to become global innovators."

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