STEP 1: Lesson Worksheets - 1st year JHS

On these worksheets, the front page consists of the main lesson which introduces the basic grammatical sentences in a conversational setting. Start from the left side to the right side and then, the back side. Provide a visual team-teaching demonstration of the students' pair work and classmates interview activities. The back side has a fun group activity, social media/cultural education activity, or some writing practices.

**Official JHS textbook/digital materials used in your school can be purchased from Tokyo Shoseki or Sanseido. Ask your school/BOE about getting these for the English Department.

Choose the lesson that you need and print it out. Then, put them together into a B4 size worksheet. You may also use any of these as a reference guide to plan your own original lesson.



“Augmented Reality help students make deeper, real-world connections”

**Originally inspired by a JTE's lessons in 2009 - a teaching style which integrated communicative English in class on a near daily-basis. So, let’s construct ideas that are
moderately challenging and yet, simple for all levels of students to enjoy English.

STEP 2: Lesson Plans

Choose the lesson plan that comes with the lesson worksheet above.

**These lesson plans use Google Drive for viewing and printing. Learn more about Google for Education and get your school the classroom Productivity Tools for FREE.

STEP 3: Teaching Materials, Holiday Lessons, & Educational Resources

Download teaching materials for each lesson, get worksheets for holiday lessons, and provide students with educational apps for their smartphone!

External Educational Links - ALT Training Online | Englipedia | English WebBook | Take it Easy Teaching | NHK for Schooleboard (NPO)

Links for ALTs - Tofugu | ALTInsider | The JET Coaster | When In Japan              Video Editing Tool - DA VINCI Resolve

JLPT Study Course (Video Tutorials) - N5 | N4 | N3 | N2 | N1 <= Let's language-exchange with JTEs & subject teachers!

Teaching Associations for JTEs, HRTs, and ALTs
New English Teachers' Association 新英語教育研究会 | The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) 全国語学教育学会

Other useful teaching resources on Eigo Ganbare can be found on


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