In this warm up activity, it is a good opportunity for students to learn about other countries' culture and have a class discussion about it. First, the teacher, either a JTE or an ALT, will introduce a cultural topic of an English-speaking country. For example, "the school holidays and homework" or anything else. Then, end with some questions, like Question: Which do you like better, A or B? What do you think of B? The students can talk about it in Japanese, but when the teacher gives a simple Q & A quiz, they must try to give their answer in English and make a complete sentence.

Start with this activity once a month, for example, the first month is to introduce a cultural topic of one country and then, the next month introduce another cultural topic of the same country. But, two months later, introduce another country's culture. If your school has a pen pal project with the school(s) abroad, have your 2nd year students think of some cultural questions that they would like to ask to their pen pal. For the 3rd year students, provide them with a worksheet handout that includes a short reading passage, Q & A section, and space for them to take memo. Then, they keep the handout in their file because at the end of year, it may be their turn to do a cultural presentation!

Wikipedia: England | The U.S.A. | Canada | Australia | New Zealand

Challenge!! After the 3rd year students have broaden their knowledge of learning about various countries' culture and researched through their memo, have them present a country's cultural topic of their choice. This can be a 2-3 minutes group presentation. The class time for this occassion will be a 50 minute cultural presentation lesson.

Examples: Australia | England | The U.S.A.

(**These were done by Japanese students in their 1st year.)

The World Clocks:






(**This activity works best with the cooperation of all the JTEs and the ALT in the English department. Please have the head JTE discuss and lead this cultural learning activity. Adjust the level by grade.)

Want more ideas for WARM UP PRACTICE??

It's your turn!! What warm up activities, do you have in mind? Do you think your students will enjoy them?

And, try this at your school!

Reading Project

Reading books from abroad are fun & your students can learn something new
- the culture of another country and what these school kids read at their school!!






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