Hi Friends for Grade 5

These are elementary school lesson plans in English and in Japanese. The HRTs (or the elementary school JTEs) and the ALT should all have a copy of these to provide the best classroom team-teaching environment for their students. To use the online version of the Hi Friends software on an iPad/iPhone, please install the Puffin Educational Web Browser which supports Flash and, then use that browser instead.

**These materials can be purchased from Tokyo Shoseki. Ask your school/BOE about getting these for the English Department.

*The BOE and Eigo Ganbare are mutually exchanging teaching content materials for educational purposes and to provide help to public school teachers in Japan. So, when you use these below, please keep this in mind, "日本の公立学校のみに限定。他の利用は認めません。"  Education. Cooperation. HOPE!!

Please choose the lesson you need and print it out.

Hi Friends 1: Picture Cards

Choose the picture card set that comes with the lesson plan above. Alternatively to printing out and laminating these, you can display them on a touch screen tv connected with a computer or a smart tablet.

Hi Friends 1: Students' Worksheets

Choose the worksheet that your students will need to use in class. Then, print it out and give one to each student.

Others: Elementary School Teaching Materials

Lesson planning for storytelling, games, and much more.

* If you can't access the Eigo Ganbare Cloud Drive at your school, use this QR code.

Eigo Ganbare Drive

StoryTelling Sample Books

Ask your ALT if he/she has a library card to access OverDrive. Classroom Wi-Fi connection is needed.
(**accessible to citizens from the U.S.A., Canada, and England)

Try Jalees offline Reader in the classroom! Learn more.

libby-imgLibby, by OverDrive
AppStore | GooglePlay

External Storytelling Links - PBS Kids Stories | StoryPlace | OverDrive

From Crick Software - LearningGrids

Your school can have its own LearningGrids site. All you have to do is to add your teachers and students to the site.

If you need any supplement worksheets, you can download a PDF of Hi Friends Plus!


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