What would it be like if every Japanese junior high school student can have the opportunity to enjoy reading books in English? In this project, the goal is to introduce your students the benefits of how reading can improve their English skills and having the English department make it into a curriculum that can lead into an exciting project.

And, if your school/BOE is considering in buying Oxford Tree reading books, please visit their website here.

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Oxford Reading Tree & Project X

First year JHS: Level 1 | Second year JHS: Level 2 | Third year JHS: Level 3

Step One: This is a school reading project! And a speed competition!! The first year JHS, the second year JHS, and the third year JHS all strive to reach a goal by the end of the school year. Start with assigning the students to read at least 3 English books until July or continue as a summer break homework and another 3 English books until December or continue as a winter break homework. Total of six books should be the minimum requirement and graded as part of their assignment, but reading more books are encouraged, so that their grade can win the reward. They must also write an "original" book report about what they read in English and/or in Japanese. Then, by the end of the school year when there is a school assembly in the gym, only one grade can receive a school trophy or a certificate, as well get new school resources (but, to be used for English educational purposes for the next school year). Moreover, the top 3 students who read the most books from each grade can receive a special certificate from the school principal. The certificate has the signature of the school principal's name, the head JTE's name, and the ALT's name.

Step Two: Each grade is divided into classes, which the class leader(s) are responsible for their own classmates to reach their class goal of reading the most books. Then, the JTEs and all the class leaders from the same grade add up the total numbers of books that have been read.

In the school, there's a gigantic puzzle for the students to look at and to help them to stay motivated in reading English books! This puzzle consist of Level One puzzle #1-10 for first year, Level Two puzzle #1-10 for second year, and Level Three puzzle #1-10 for third year. When each task has been completed for each grade, a puzzle is taken out and slowly overtime throughout the school year, it reveals their end of the year reward!

Step Three: Because this is a school project, all of the teachers in the English department must participate and discuss the details on how to make it work successfully for their students. And, whether it can be done every year!!

(*Remember this is a competition! The JTEs who belong to one grade will support their students while the ALT will provide reading support to students of all grades. Students in their second year or third year who struggle with reading can read the lower level books, but must get special approval from you, the JTE, and then they have to try to read the other books that are of the same level as their classmates.)

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