Eigo Ganbare is a teaching resource made specifically for Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs), as well for Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs) teaching at junior high schools. Other English teachers in Japan and those teaching English in other countries are also welcome! Here on this site, the lesson plans focus on giving students the opportunity to use English while following the Japanese English textbook curriculum. There are worksheets, flashcards, and many more! The worksheets have been divided into three grade levels and depending on what your students are learning now, you can prepare your lessons easily because almost everything you need will be right here.

Below, I have provided 3 sample worksheets. The worksheet templates are available for FREE! However, they are to be used for classroom teaching and nothing more. For the reading materials from the textbook, you will to have to prepare them yourself. But, there are sample templates for them too! Once you're done with your lesson planning, you just print them out in B5 or B4 paper. Enjoy!

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