Eigo Ganbare is an on-going volunteer and time-consuming project. It dedicates itself to giving every student in Japan the opportunity to learn and embrace English. At this stage, please consider about making a donation when you use any of these resources for your lesson planning or be a volunteer. By doing so, your support will provide continuous maintenance of this website, enhance new and modern teaching techniques, and future educational resources that you can implement into your classroom teaching. With great teachers like yourself and your gratitude contribution, students all over Japan can reach their full English-learning potential and be equip to learn about the diverse richness of various cultures in English-speaking countries. Through those, they can broaden their perspective of the world positively and acknowledge the benefits of their education in their own school.

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As for native-speaking Japanese English teachers who are not accustom to making a donation for an educational purpose, this is your chance! You may share this website to other teachers and to your teaching association. For ALTs, this is your chance as well because during your time in Japan and beyond, the fund being raised through your generous contribution will help improve the English education in Japan, provide teaching support for your ALT successors, and much more. Let's support each other because together, as a devoted team of JTEs and ALTs, we can make a positive difference through the availability of well-thought teaching resources like Eigo Ganbare -- how it strives to meet the needs of the students. So, teachers, what would you like to do?

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