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Additional Teaching Resources for Elementary Schools & Junior High Schools
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External Educational Links - ALT Training Online | Englipedia | English WebBook | Take it Easy Teaching | NHK for School | eboard (NPO)

Links for ALTs - Tofugu | ALTInsider | The JET Coaster | When In Japan                   Video Editing Tool - DA VINCI Resolve

JLPT Study Course (Video Tutorials) - N5 | N4 | N3 | N2 | N1 <= Let's language-exchange with JTEs & subject teachers!

J-LEAP - Japanese Language Education Assistant Program  <= Team-teaching in American K-12 schools.

Tomodachi - Educational and Exchange Programs

Teaching Associations for JTEs, HRTs, and ALTs

New English Teachers' Association 新英語教育研究会 | The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) 全国語学教育学会

Employment/Healthcare Benefits - Enjoy our job! Stay healthy! With peace in mind.
Pay Equality Guideline 同一労働同一賃金 ガイドライン 案要旨と検討
Claim for Payment of Accident and Sickness Benefits 健康保険傷病手当金支給申請書

Education Discount on Mac computers for teachers and educational facility staffs
Apple Storeコールセンター | Japan Apple Store Sales Line in English

A plan to bring Apple to your school
Apple for Education | Pro Apps Bundle for Education

FREE cloud-based Office apps for ALTs! Get them in English and start your lesson planning with ease.

LibreOffice Writer | LibreOffice Calc | LibreOffice Impress | Gimp | Chromium

For JTEs and Japanese educators: Learn about Ubuntu in Japanese! Get the latest and economical Ubuntu operating system with long-term support. Experience the educational benefits of having this in Japanese public schools! An alternative to Windows operating system. See Ubuntu for Education.


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