Eigoganbare_thedogEigo Ganbare is dedicated to giving every student in Japan the opportunity to learn and embrace English. These resources are not to be used for commercial and business use. They are for teachers who work at Japanese public schools and would like to use these to teach effectively in their classes, as well provide students with additional learning supports.

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Eigo Ganbare's Articles - Team-Teaching in English | ② The Pen Pal Project | ③ JHS English Club: Success is Doing

** If you like to share these three articles with your JTEs, HRTs, and any other Japanese educators, feel free to print out the Japanese translation version that can found on here.

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"Making English mistakes is one of the best ways to learn something new and remember it for a long time."


"Eigo Ganbare is a resource site made by a former JET Program ALT. It gives the standard offering of printable worksheets (and a lot of them). But what makes this one stand out is the Pen Pal, English Club, and Eiken sections.

Eigo Ganbare helps you go above and beyond as an ALT by giving ideas and resources for English outside the classroom. And that's what most other resource sites are lacking."- Tofugu.com

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