Eigoganbare_thedogEigo Ganbare, established in 2010, is dedicated to giving every student in Japan the opportunity to learn and embrace English. These resources with a special watermark on them, printed in Japanese (translated "For Japanese public schools. Not for other purposes.), are for teachers/educators who work at Japanese public schools with limited budget on resources and boards of education ONLY. They are free to help them teach and train effectively in classroom team-teaching, provide JTEs and ALTs to gain motivation in teaching their classes, and provide students with additional learning supports. Individual Japanese public school teachers/educators can get full access to the Eigo Ganbare Drive / the Eigo Ganbare JLPT Support, discuss ALT-related topics on r/ALTinginJapan, and partake in supporting Eigo Ganbare on Patreon. Moreover, try FriendOS and request a free account from them to access your workspace on any device. Let's develop a community and a donation system of Patreon educators to support public schools in Japan and develop a respected ALT community! Just as Eigo Ganbare, ALT Training Online, and A Fox in Japan are supporting each other with a similar goal. You may use their resources for more classroom activities! Other team-teaching websites "for ALTs by ALTs" are OK too!

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- JET program alumni, Hyogo ALT 2004
Retired direct hire public/private school ALT (March 31st, 2020), left Japan in late September
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"Making English mistakes is one of the best ways to learn a new language and remember it for a long time."


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"Eigo Ganbare is a resource site made by a former JET Program ALT. It gives the standard offering of printable worksheets (and a lot of them). But what makes this one stand out is the Pen Pal, English Club, and Eiken (Speaking) sections.

Eigo Ganbare helps you go above and beyond as an ALT by giving ideas and resources for English outside the classroom. And that's what most other resource sites are lacking."- Tofugu.com

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