Eigoganbare_thedogEigo Ganbare is dedicated to giving every student in Japan the opportunity to learn and embrace English. These resources, some with a special watermark on them, are for teachers who work at Japanese public schools ONLY. This is to help them teach effectively in their classes and provide their students with additional learning supports. However, for other English teachers working in a ES or JHS/HS private school, it is recommended that you ask your school to become a supporter of Eigo Ganbare on Patreon. Once on Patreon, your school will get access to printed classroom worksheets with an approved watermark and other resources for in school use ONLY and by do so, it provides "equality" to all Japanese schools and fairness in how this website is used. This goes the same for "eikawa" teachers, teachers teaching English abroad, private lesson English teachers, and the alike. Individual Japanese public school teachers can also partake in supporting Eigo Ganbare on Patreon and can choose between the (shareable) Eigo Ganbare Drive or (non-shareable) Eigo Ganbare Patreon Drive. Let's develop a unique concept - a community Patreon funding from you, who comes from various education sectors, to support public schools in Japan! Just as Eigo Ganbare and ALT Training Online are supporting each other with a similar goal. You may use their ALTopedia (formally Englipedia) for more classroom activities! Other team-teaching websites "for ALTs by ALTs" are OK too!

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- JET program alumni, Hyogo ALT 2004
(modeling after the Luarasian Institution and eboard, both are non-profit educational organizations)

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"Making English mistakes is one of the best ways to learn something new and remember it for a long time."


"Eigo Ganbare is a resource site made by a former JET Program ALT. It gives the standard offering of printable worksheets (and a lot of them). But what makes this one stand out is the Pen Pal, English Club, and Eiken sections.

Eigo Ganbare helps you go above and beyond as an ALT by giving ideas and resources for English outside the classroom. And that's what most other resource sites are lacking."- Tofugu.com

"Egio Ganbare (eigoganbare.com): A website designed and and frequently updated by ALTs and JTEs. You can find worksheets and activities for every unit in the New Horizon Textbook (1st to 3rd grade JHS)." - hajet.org


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