About Eigo Ganbare

Established in 2010, this Classic Eigo Ganbare website didn't have much content. Just a quick access to pre-made teaching materials and flashcards for junior high schools’ JTEs/ALTs.

Moreover, there weren't much emphasis on self-promotion. But instead, over the years, Eigo Ganbare has evolved to offer more of a cultural immersion and much more - to bridge the culturally different teaching approach and students' learning gaps. Thus, providing teachers and students an experience of mutual “give and take” between the merits of Japan’s education and the merits of education from abroad.

Moreover, I try to keep these resources “old-school” while guiding Japanese schools to move forward into 21st century education.

The Meaning of Eigo Ganbare

Originally started out as a message to students I put on their worksheets because I wanted them to have hope. It means to do their best and stay motivated. Because no matter how difficult English is, you can do it! Then, it became a similar message for JTEs to have the spirit of determination to enjoy what they teach, embrace co-teaching with an ALT, and build the confidence to engage new challenges. In 2020, this message finally reaches the ALTs, so they don't just teach English communication, but also provide Japanese with an open eye to cultural diversity! And, someday for them to be appreciated in receiving recognition of their contribution no matter if their team-teaching is just a small part in MEXT's English curriculum. For instance, a reverse role-model can be followed like this news article, published on Lincoln Journal Star: Southwest's Japanese language students benefit from teachers from two continents.

Timeline of Eigo Ganbare

Eig Ganbare First http://eigoganbare.webs.com (2010)

Eig Ganbare Firsthttps://eigoganbare.com (2012)

Killed Contents on Eigo Ganbare

HP Reveal (formally Aurasma), Phrasebot, and Kupiter have recently been killed. Eigo Ganbare started using the augmented reality features from way back when HP Reveal was formally called Aurasma. It was quite popular among educators in the States, and despite its late implementation onto this site in 2015, I thought educators here in Japan could have the curiosity and a chance in testing the merit of using video/interactive augmented reality in the classroom. However, by the time they noticed its potential, HP Reveal closed its door in 2020. As for Phrasebot and Kupiter, their awesome feature was importing flashcards from Quizlet and their web-based app engage learning in a fun way. However, again in 2020, the Quizlet import links do not work anymore and hence, Eigo Ganbare had to discontinue these. Other features that has been discontinued is the Japanese site of Eigo Ganbare and the Facebook Eigo Ganbare group which was meant to be for ALTs to have work-related discussions. Instead, existing members have been referred to the Facebook Eigo Ganbare Page. The option of making a donation via PayPal was also killed to be replaced with the Patreon donation in 2016, the first of its kind and to help JTEs/ALTs to understand the concept of this (watch the short video clip). In its early era of using PayPal, Eigo Ganbare only received a one-time donation of $5. Ad revenues, as of Feb 2020, remains below its very first threshold payment.

Revenue of Eigo Ganbare

Does this website get any monetary revenues? Because of the age of Eigo Ganbare and its limited budget, my indirect answer would be: Even if your job is part-time or temporary, stick with that!!

Furthermore, please note that these resources on here are strictly for educational use - Japanese public schools ONLY. So, if you ever want to keep these free, please support Eigo Ganbare on Patreon!

Public Schools vs Private Schools in Japan

Private schools don't necessary mean all of their schools have more funding than public schools. They also face the similarities with having a limited budget. The differences are their flexibility, the resources they use, and placing education excellence on students. There are even classes divided into different levels, smaller classes on some subject classes, and more individual one-to-one after school coaching. All of those cost goes towards the students' parent(s). Usually there are almost no foreign students in those schools because they opt for international school. Public schools in Japan, on the other hand, the funding comes from the government, have many restrictions, and among many other things. But, I hope this website gives a sense of balance and flexible resources for these schools.   

The Creator

I started my ALTing on the JET programme in 2004. Follow by Interac and other ALT dispatch companies. Then, through two boards of education and finally, ending my "Japan experience" in April/June 2020 as a direct hire ALT for a private Japanese JHS & HS. Furthermore, I had a one-day opportunity to join a team of volunteer teachers from the States, and we team-taught several 90-minute English classes at a university in Kobe. I also like to add my condolence to my Japanese friend who passed away from cancer (March 19, 2020 @ noon). We shared memories and I will always remember her for how she was used in various ministries - she left Japan and this world before me. Anyhow, as for this website, Eigo Ganbare will still exist and its work will continue outside of Japan! 

Creator's Education Background

I graduated in 2002 with a dual B.A. degree in Sociology and Linguistics from the University of Washington. I also had partaken in a paid internship, working for a small IT company called Sotatsu Systems Inc in Kobe, Japan. This internship was possible through my university – the Technical Japanese Program/Hyogo Business & Cultural Center (USA) and Hyogo International Association (Japan).


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