Japanese Short Stories

はしれメロス / Run, Melos!

Japanese Script


English Translation

Selinuntius slapped Melos’s face, and he smiled softly. “Melos, slap me. I haven’t been able to trust you once for these three days. I couldn’t trust you for the first time.” Melos slapped Selinuntius’s face. “Melos!” “Selinuntius!” They cried loudly. The surrounding people cheered loudly, too. The king’s face turned red and he said, “You all have been saved. You have taught me to trust people. Will you let me be your friend?” The king praised them. The surrounding people praised the king and them.


Words Types Meanings
かお noun face
やさしく adverb kindly, softly, gently, tenderly
きみ pronoun you, buddy, pal
まわ noun surroundings, neighborhood
くれる ru-verb, auxiliary verb to give, to do something for… (from receiver’s point of view)
める ru-verb to praise, to admire, to speak well

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