Japanese Short Stories

はしれメロス / Run, Melos!

Japanese Script


English Translation

The next day, the wedding was held. That day, it rained hard. Melos and the people of the village said together, “Congratulations.” In the morning on the day after the wedding, Melos started running toward the town. [Melos thought] “I will be killed this night. I will run to be killed. I will run for my friend.” Melos ran very hard. This time, Melos found a big river. Due to the hard rain the day before, the water in the river increased and the bridge was broken. Melos cried with a loud voice, “Without crossing this river, I cannot save my friend. Please God, stop the water in the river. But, Melos’ voice didn’t reach God.


Words Types Meanings
おこな u-verb to perform, to do, to conduct oneself, to carry out
おめでとう set phrase congratulations
かわ noun river, stream
える ru-verb to increase, to multiply
こわれる ru-verb to be broken, to break
わた u-verb to cross over, to go across
神様かみさま noun God
める ru-verb to stop, to turn off
とど u-verb to reach, to arrive, to get through, to get at

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