Japanese Short Stories

はしれメロス / Run, Melos!

Japanese Script


English Translation

Melos said, “You don’t trust people. Not to trust people is a very shameful thing.” The king said, “People can say beautiful things on the surface. I can understand people’s real minds. When you are killed by me, I will not forgive you even if you apologized with tears.” ”I’m not scared. I don’t expect you to forgive me. But, could you give me just three days’ time? I would like to hold my younger sister’s wedding. Within three days, I will hold the wedding and definitely come back.” ”Don’t lie to me!” The king sneered with a low voice. “Birds that fly away will never come back.” “I will be back.” Melos said very hard.


Words Types Meanings
ずかしい i-adjective shy, ashamed, embarrassed
くち noun mouth
あやま u-verb to apologize
かん suffix interval, period of time
結婚式けっこんしき noun marriage ceremony, wedding
うち noun within, while
かなら adverb always, without exception, certainly, without fail
ひく i-adjective low (rank, degree, value, content, quality, etc.)
わら u-verb to laugh, to smile, to sneer, to ridicule

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